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Слава Ісусу Христу!  Glory to Jesus Christ!

Welcome to the web site of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Winnipeg, the national cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.  We are an active parish striving to bring the message of Christ’s gospel to all.

We serve liturgy every Sunday morning starting at 10:00 a.m. (central time) and on major feast days.  We also serve the Akathist on Wednesdays at 12:30 and vespers at 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and before major feast days.  Services are generally bilingual Ukrainian-English with an all-English liturgy on the third Sunday of every month.  A full list of services is below.

During this pandemic period, we are requiring proof of full vaccination against COVID 19 for in-person attendance at services and any public events in our Cathedral, including weddings, baptisms, and funerals.  Masks must be worn at all times while in the church building and physical-distancing rules remain in effect.

Should you not be able to attend services in person, Saturday vespers, Sunday liturgy, and many other services are live-streamed on our parish Facebook site and YouTube channel.

We look forward to praying with you!


Schedule of Upcoming Services - 2021

All services will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

FRIDAYJANUARY 14—CIRCUMCISION OF OUR LORD GOD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, St. Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia — Divine Liturgy / New Year’s Moleben after theLiturgy - 9:30 am / П’ятниця, 14 січня —ОБРІЗАННЯ (НАЙМЕНУВАННЯ) ГОСПОДА БОГА І СПАСА НАШОГО ІСУСА ХРИСТА. СВ. ВАСИЛІЯ ВЕЛИКОГО, АРХИЄПИСКОПА КЕСАРІЇ КАППАДОКІЙСЬКОЇ — Божественна Літургія Новорічний Молебень: зараз після Літургії-9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 15 — Great Vespers - 5:00pm / Субота, 15 січня — Велика Вечірня- 5:00 веч.

SUNDAYJANUARY 16— SUNDAY BEFORE THEOPHANY, Divine Liturgy - 10:00am / Неділя, 16 січня — НЕДІЛЯ ПЕРЕД БОГОЯВЛЕННЯ, Божественна Літургія-10:00 ран.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 18— Eve of the Theophany / Вівторок, 18 січня — НАВЕЧІР’Я БОГОЯВЛЕННЯ

                 5:00 веч.— Велике Повечір’я з Літією/ 5:00 p.m. — Great Compline with Litia

                 6:00 веч. — Йорданське Велике Освячення Води/ 6:00 p.m. — Great Blessing of Water

WEDNESDAYJANUARY 19— HOLY THEOPHANY, Baptism of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ— Divine Liturgy, Great Blessing of Water following the Liturgy – 10:00 am. / Середа, 19 січня - СВЯТЕ БОГОЯВЛЕННЯ ХРЕЩЕННЯ ГОСПОДА БОГА І СПАСА НАШОГО ІСУСА ХРИСТА — Божественна Літургія, Велике Освячення Води зараз після Літургії- 10:00 ран.

THURSDAYJANUARY 20—Synaxis of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptizer of ourLord, John— Divine Liturgy - 9:30 am / Четвер, 20 січня — ПІСЛЯ СВЯТА БОГОЯВЛЕННЯ. СОБОР СВЯТОГО СЛАВНОГО ПРОРОКА ПРЕДТЕЧІ Й ХРЕСТИТЕЛЯ ГОСПОДНЬОГО ІОАНА— Божественна Літургія-9:30 ран.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 22 — Great Vespers - 5:00pm / Субота, 22 січня — Велика Вечірня- 5:00 веч.

SUNDAYJANUARY 23 — SUNDAY AFTER THE THEOPHANY, Divine Liturgy - 10:00am / Неділя,23січня — НЕДІЛЯ ПІСЛЯ БОГОЯВЛЕННЯ, Божественна Літургія-10:00 ран.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 29 — Great Vespers - 5:00pm / Субота, 29 січня — Велика Вечірня- 5:00 веч.

SUNDAYJANUARY 30 — Divine Liturgy - 10:00am / Неділя, 30 січня — Божественна Літургія-10:00 ран.



  • 29


    16 January
    5:00 Vespers
  • 30


    17 January
    St. Anthony the Great
    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 5


    23 January
    5:00 Vespers
  • 6


    24 January
    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 12


    30 January
    Three Holy Hierarchs
    5:00 Vespers
  • 13


    31 January
    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 19


    6 February
    5:00 Vespers
  • 20


    7 February
    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
From Our Hierarchs
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Please read the powerful and pastoral words of our Locum Tenens. The Holy Trinity Cathedral will begin to serve the Akathist to our Lord, Jesus Christ, every Wednesday at 12:30 pm beginning September 1st. All are welcome to join me at our Cathedral for this service.
Fr. Gene
Click here to read the letter in English or Ukrainian 


Confession and Communion

Pastoral Letter to the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada from His Grace, Bishop Ilarion, Bishop of Edmonton and the Western Eparchy, Locum Tenans of the Metropolitan’s Cathedral regarding Confession and Communion.

Click here to read the letter in Ukrainian or English.


Pylypyvka 2021 Archpastoral Letter


Once again, the ecclesiastical calendar of our Holy Orthodox Church brings us to the spiritual journey of St. Philip’s Fast, a time for all Christians to prepare for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Throughout this fast period – known by some as Advent – we and our parish communities prepare for the celebration of the glorious Feast of the Nativity of our Lord. Sadly, for the second year, our preparation takes place as we battle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which confronts us and threatens us. We extend our sincere gratitude to priests, lay leaders of our parishes and parishioners who have been and will continue to ensure that our churches will be as safe as possible for people to confidently assemble for liturgical worship.

From the Pylypyvka Archpastoral Letter from the Permanent Conference of Ukrainian Orthodox Bishops Beyond the Borders of Ukraine. Click here to read the full message in English or Ukrainian.

Heavenly King Orthodox Academy

Have you always dreamed of and prayed for an Orthodox school here in Winnipeg for you to send your children to? Us, too.

We are a group of dedicated families and individuals who are working hard to establish a pan-Orthodox independent school in Winnipeg, opening in fall of 2022. We come together from a wide range of Orthodox parishes and jurisdictions across the city, uniting with this one purpose. We believe that the three pillars of a child’s education are the Church, the home and the school, and for too long our children have been attending schools that are at odds with their home and church life. Our mission is to work alongside the Church and the family to educate the whole child within a Christ-centred environment.

Our school is named “Heavenly King Orthodox Academy” after the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, everywhere present and filling all things. At Heavenly King Orthodox Academy, we will guide and nurture our students in leading a faith-filled life through the lens of Orthodox Christianity. It is the heart of our Academy, rooted in our mission, programs and values. Our faith will give our school a solid foundation, a quiet fortitude and a grasp of all good things that come from God. With a joyful spirit, it will teach our students to witness the Truth, serve others, know they are loved and feel connected. This is what we will aim for, every day and in every moment, at Heavenly King.

We will be accepting student applications for Kindergarten to Grade 5 in February, but strongly recommend interested families contact us to be placed on a waitlist by emailing admin@heavenlykingacademy.ca.

If you would like to financially support this project, please contact Fr Sinisa Milutinovic (204)894-7825 or donate through our website www.heavenlykingacademy.ca.

With love in Christ, The HKOA Team

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