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Our Vision

We envision our church as a warm, vibrant, progressive and welcoming community where the needs of all its members (children, youth, adults, families, senior members, English and Ukrainian speaking) are valued and nurtured, on the spiritual journey to embracing God and His teachings.

We will individually and collectively take part in realizing our mission and vision through:

  • Service - To nurture the spiritual needs of the members (faithful) to increased awareness of the Orthodox Faith and Ukrainian Orthodoxy through education and programs.

  • Education - To encourage the members (faithful) to increased awareness of the Orthodox Faith and Ukrainian Orthodoxy through education and programs.

  • Membership - To create a Christ-centered environment that is inviting, supportive, and interactive to allow its members to grow in Orthodox Spirituality

  • Leadership - To promote Orthodox Faith based leadership within the parish membership to fulfill the mission of the church.

  • Communication - To encourage an atmosphere of open communication so all members have input and are aware of the mission and goals of the church.

  • Stewardship - To promote positive Christian Stewardship within the membership to fulfill the mission of the church and achieve the goals of the community.

Cathedral History

In the mid-1940s the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada required a central Archiepiscopal Cathedral. The newly organized Holy Trinity Parish offered to serve as the Cathedral Parish. The Ninth General Council (Sobor) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada, which met in July 1946, accepted the offer and charged the parish with the responsibility of building a suitable church. The founding Holy Trinity Cathedral parish meeting took place on April 9th, 1946 and the building site was purchased on May 16, 1946.

The cathedral's architectural design by George Korbin and Alexander Powstenko was approved on May 26th, 1948. Building procedure guidance was provided by Toronto-based architect Alexander Lasko. The Winnipeg architectural firm of Pratt and Ross designed the Cathedral auditorium.  

The site was blessed on September 11, 1949 and construction of the auditorium, by the firm Wallace and Aikens, commenced. The cornerstone was blessed and laid on September 30, 1951. The completed auditorium was officially dedicted by His Emminence Metropolitan Ilarion on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 1952. The auditorium served as the church and cutural centre until construction of the cathedral proper was completed.


Construction of the cathedral began in 1957. Alex Nitchuk was engaged as the architect and George Kodak, who had been the architect and designer of several Ukrainian churches in eastern Canada, provided guidance and recommendations. Semmler Construction Company, of which cathedral member Matt Solonyka was a partner, carried out the construction.  

The first Divine Liturgy within the newly built and almost completed cathedral was celebrated on Ukrainian Christmas Eve, January 6th, 1962, by the parish priest, the Very Rev. Father Michael Yurkiwsky. The first Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was celebrated by His Emminence Metropolitan Ilarion on Christmas Day, January 7th, 1962. The Cathedral was officially opened and consecrated on July 8, 1962 by the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, Metropolitan Ilarion. The iconostas was installed in 1974.


The mosaic depicting the Holy Trinity on the facade of the Cathedral was installed in 1988 in honour of the Millennium of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and was blessed by His Emminence Metropolitan Wasyly. The mosaic was designed by the prominent Ukrainian-Canadian artist Leo Mol.  The mosaic stone was cut and executed in Rome, Italy by Marco Montecelli and Carlo Maloni and the final installation was done in 1988 by Milano Tile Co. of Winnipeg, supervised by Alfredo Maida. 

The mosaic depicts the Holy Trinity, one of the most important icons for the Orthodox Church.  The image shows the first appearance of God to man, representing God in three Divine Persons -the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This image of the Holy Trinity is know as the New Testament Trinity. In iconography, the Trinity is often depicted in the form of the Biblical scene of three angels appearing to Abraham by the oak of Mamre (Genesis 18:1-8). This version of the Holy Trinity icon is found on the iconostatis of the Cathedral.


On July 14, 2016 the Cathedral was severly damaged by arson.  Services were moved to Cropo Funeral Home and then to the Cathedral auditorium until repairs were completed. Reconsecration took place on July 2, 2017 by His Emminence Metropolitan Yurij in concelebration with Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, and Bishop Andrij, Bishop of the Eastern Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.  

On July 2, 2017 the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was re-consecrated for use by His Eminence Metropolitan Yurij in concelebration with Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, and Bishop Andrij, Bishop of the Eastern Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. 

The service concluded with His Eminence acknowledging the tireless work of the committees and Church Council to bring the church to this point. Dr. Greg Palaschuk was acknowledged for his tireless efforts in leading the congregation through this time. The work of iconongrapher Vera Senchuk and her skilled team of restorers, including Dobrodiyka Zenovia Maksimuik,  were gratefully thanked for their work. Ben Wasylyshen and his team of artists were thanked for their work in overseeing the restoration of the stained glass, the iconostasis and the chandelier.

Cathedral Restoration and Reconsecration
Past Clergy

Past Cathedral Clergy

(+ deceased)

+Dr. F. Kernisky    1950-1952

+H. Hrycyna    1952-1954

+K. Zelishkewich    1954-1955

+M. Yurkiwsky    1954-1965

+H. Hrycyna   1960-1965

+W. Sluzar    1965-1973

+O. Olekshy    1967-1968

+C. Symchcych    1973-1974

N. Rauliuk    1973-1975

+Dr. F. Kernisky    1974-1983

M. Zaleschuk    1976-1980

T. Krochak    Summer 1982

W. Makarenko    1982-1983

N. Rauliuk    1983-1987

+S. Kiciuk    1987-1993

Y. Kalistchuk    1988-1989

+D. Luchak    1989-1997

+H. Lakusta    1993-2008

Hieromonk Nestor    1998-1999

A. Harkavyi    2000-2008

G. Mielnik    2008-2014

G. Maximiuk    2008-2010, 2014 - Present

  • 12


    29 June
    Ss. Peter & Paul
    9:30 Sunday Divine Liturgy - Cathedral Re-opens for in-person services
  • 19


    6 July
    9:30 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 26


    13 July
    9:30 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 2


    20 July
    Prophet Elijah
    9:30 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 9


    27 July
    9:30 Sunday Divine Liturgy
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