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Busy Hands

The role of the Busy Hands Committee is to plan, organize and implement the Monthly Perogy Making which is held on the last Friday of each month from September to May. It is a fund raising event of the Parish and is staffed with volunteers from the Parish Membership. It also provide a wonderful opportunity to develop fellowship amongst Parish members and a way to introduce new members to our Parish.

Seniors\' Golden Age Club

No meetings at this time.









Outreach: Caring Hands
The role and responsibility of this committee is to reach out to parishioners who do not attend Church on a regular basis, to visit parishioners who are homebound, in hospitals, in institutions, or in senior care facilities. The Committee is kept informed of those that fall ill or lose loved ones and provide appropriate attention on behalf of the Parish. Our Outreach Committee also delivers Sviat Vechir and Paschal Baskets to include shut-ins in the major celebrations of the Church.

UWAC - Ukrainian Women\'s Association of Canada - Lesia Ukrainka Branch

Next Monthly meeting - May 21, 2023

  • The Ukrainian Museum of Canada - Manitoba Branch (located on the Cathedral premises) 
  • The Ukrainian Museum of Canada website - click here

TYC - Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association of Canada

Monthly Meetings - 3rd Thursday of each month 

Order of St. Andrew -Winnipeg Chapter

Next Meeting - TBA: 7:00pm 

The Order of St. Andrew meets Quarterly at the Ukrainian Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.  The Order of St. Andrew draws its members from all the churches in the Winnipeg Eparchial region. The Order has the responsibility for raising funds and other needs of St.Andrew's College.  The Order constitutes a separate organization that can assist St. Andrew's College in fulfilling its important role in our Ukrainian Orthodox religious and cultural life. The main responsibilities of the Order are to participate in church sacraments and other church ceremonies such as funerals, memorials, convocations, and festivals.  The Order of St. Andrew's Board encourages all parishes to support the fund raising activities for the benefit of St. Andrew's College so that the College can fulfill its stated mission and its most important role in providing leaders for  our church and community. The Order of St. Andrew - Winnipeg Chapter is blessed by having our spiritual guidance provided by the Order's chaplain, Father Gene Maximiuk.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

This year, our parish is pleased to announce the launch of a new charity-based group – Helping Hands. 

The sole purpose of this group is to help those in need beyond our church community; to serve as a foundation for demonstrating the Christian belief of helping others less fortunate then ourselves. 

Everyone is welcome! Everyone is needed!

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me……….Matthew 25:35

Click here for more details how you can help...


AA and NA Support Meetings

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meets at the Cathedral:

Monday: 10:00AM and 6:00PM

Thursday:  5:30PM

Friday:  6:30PM

Sunday:  6:30PM

Birthday Night last Saturday of the month.  Potluck 5:30PM; Speaker 7:00PM

Please see the schedule of times posted on the Cathedral door


NA-Narcotics Anonymous meets at the Cathedral:

Monday: 7pm

  • 23


    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 30


    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 7


    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
  • 14


    10:00 Sunday Divine Liturgy
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