Pictures of the Cathedral restoration

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

NEW!  We are almost complete.

OUR MAIN CHANDELIER HAS ARRIVED AND HAS BEEN INSTALLED.  This is the last of the major projects pertaining to the Restoration of the Cathedral.  It has been over 3 years since the tragic events of July, 2016.  God is Great and has blessed the process for us.   The Cathedral is beautiful and unique and all is well. 

We are in the process of cleaning up some of the electrical matters and will be setting a date for the blessing of the Iconostasis and Chandelier.

In the near future we will post pictures of the installation of the Chandelier.

We have spent the majority of our energies on the Restoration and now the Parish is focusing on the things it needs to do to be a vibrant and worshiping community, not just for the North End of Winnipeg, but for our UOCC in Canada.  We welcome you to come and visit us.  As always, if anyone would like to leave a gift for the Cathedral we invite you to send all donations to:

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

1175 Main Street

Winnipeg, MB

R2W 3S4